Saleh Al-Thagafi
Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
“17 years ago I worked with Peter Fitzpatrick at Riyad Bank in Saudi Arabia. Last year in conjunction with contacts from his network in SE Asia he was able to assist me with some real estate investments in the Far East. A very valuable service.”
Jude Segerlund
Dartington Hall Trust CEO | COO Office United Kingdom
“Dear Peter – more than 30 years ago you gave me some financial advice and a savings plan that has literally changed my life, after some difficulties I thought I would have to return to work full time, but because of that early planning I have a regular income that enables me to work part time doing something I love! Thanks so much – you’ve made my financial future a much stronger one..”
Ihab Ghattas
Assistant President Huawei Dubai
“During my long career in the UAE I was introduced to Peter Fitzpatrick who had been providing financial advice to one of my colleagues. Peter provided investment advice that was extremely valuable for myself and my family.”
Simon Merrills
Perfumer, United Arab Emirates

“I am writing this by way of recommendation for the services rendered by Mr Stephen James Wright of WMG Global, who I have known now for just over a year and have engaged as my personal financial advisor. He is also now a good friend.

I have found his advice to be wholly transparent and complete. He has a great depth of knowledge in his field of work and his level of professionality is second to none.

I find him to be an honest and very hard working individual.

I don’t hesitate to recommend his services to anyone seeking to receive first-class service and advice on all matters regarding pension planning, investments and/or life cover.”

Mr. Ahmed Salem
Founder and Managing Director Worldlinks Advisors Kingdom of Bahrain.
“I have worked with my partners at Wealth Management Group (Global) on several investment and consulting projects in both Asia and the Middle East. The level of expertise and the extensive professional network across the two regions is very impressive. I will continue to work with the group and I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone requiring investment advice in the Middle East and Asia.”
Tareq Addasi
Niche Strategic International Investment and Business Development Advisory Dubai
“If anyone is seeking a sincere business advice based on full punctuality, immaculate synergy, outstanding empathy and rare understanding of any situation., then Peter will be your best professional help. He is as solid as a rock and has an impressive diplomatic and articulate skills. He benefited me well as my personal financial adviser and opened serious doors in my private consulting business.”
Mark Kalucy
Mark Kalucy Secure Financial Services P/L Queensland Australia
“We are happy to refer any of our overseas Australian clients to WMGC for sound, professional advice in the field of offshore investment, savings and insurance. Conversely we are always delighted to speak to anyone returning to Australia that requires professional guidance in the areas of investment, Superannuation and personal insurances in Australia.”
Daniel Gonzalez
Kuwait City, Kuwait

“Sinceramente, al principio no estaba para nada interesado en las personas que venían a mi ofreciendome servicios de inversión o ahorro, tal vez debido a mis experiencias pasadas o al testiminio de las personas que me redeaban. Sin embargo, Peter es in persona que transmite confianza. En nuestro primer encuentro Peter fue muy honesto y me ofreció soluciones bien adaptadas a mis ideas y planes futuros. Peter solucionó todas las dudas que mi esposa y yo teníamos e incluso nos puso directamente en contacto con la empresa con la que empezamos a trabajar.
Muchas gracias Peter”

“I have to be honest, at the beginning I wasn’t interested at all on anybody who came to me offering an investment/saving program, may be because my background or the testimony of people around me. However, Peter is a person who transmits confident and reliability. He came to me with honesty and solutions well adapted to my future plans and ideas. Peter solved all my and my wife’s doubts and he even put us in contact directly with the company we started working with.
Thank you Peter”

Zahid Akbar
HSBC, Hong Kong
“I have known Peter as a colleague, financial advisor, mentor and a friend for past 13 years and would testify to his great professionalism and honest personality. His guidance as a colleague, in my first professional job after graduation, was instrumental to my success initially as an independent financial advisor and later in my career with HSBC for the last 10 years. I have also witnessed his interactions and long standing relationships with his clients and their trust in his abilities to do the right thing. Peter has a strong understanding of financial markets and that is well complemented with his vast experience and network of financial professionals in different Asian and Middle Eastern countries.”
Michael Flamson
Operations Manager Grako LLC, Dubai

“I have sought the financial advice from Stephen on a number of occasions and I have always found him to be honest, straightforward and direct.

He has always provided me with the most appropriate product that is specific to my individual needs in a transparent and open manner.

He supports his clients in a way that ensures they get the best possible information and he endeavour’s to ensure they get the best return on their investments.

I would recommend Stephen for financial advice and planning.”

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