About WMG Global

WMG is an independent financial advisory company that offers a wide range of products and services. We look at protecting your wealth and your family in the event of your death with trust planning, asset protection and life insurance. We also look at retirement planning and making sure you are aware of where you need to be and how much money you need to save to reach your retirement goals. WMG also specialise in helping save for University planning for your children. We will look at the costs associated with further education and advise you on a structure that will achieve your goals to make it financially viable to send your children to University.

WMG look at advising clients on a lump sum investment whether that is through fixed return products, shares or mutual fund. WMG specialise in private equity investments which have a huge upside potential for our clients. WMG also specialise in portfolio management to help clients achieve more with their portfolio than what they currently doing with their current financial advisor or institution. WMG cater to all risk levels of clients and can take investments from clients on a monthly basis or on a lump sum basis. Some of our investments are asset backed against things like property other investments are based in shares or mutual funds and bonds.

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