International Banking

A basic requirement for most expatriate is to set up banking arrangements in the country they are living and also in a well-known and well-regulated offshore financial centre.
Such arrangements are often more tax efficient than holding deposits in the person’s home country.

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We can help clients with the following banking arrangements:

  • Current Accounts (in major currencies such as US Dollars, UK Pounds Sterling and Euro)
  • Time Deposits (in many major world currencies)
  • Multi-Currency Accounts
  • Structured products
  • Guaranteed products
  • Money transfers
  • Offshore mortgages (in certain locations)

Please remember that whilst holding money in offshore bank accounts is a convenient and efficient way to hold money, these arrangements are not in any way designed to conceal assets. In fact in these days of increasing sharing of information between countries these accounts will be very much part of the mainstream banking system.

The expatriate’s employer will usually arrange simple banking facilities in the country of residence so typically our help is not required there but we do have long-standing connections in many of the more popular expatriate locations so please ask us if you require assistance.

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